Hoyleton Education Center

The Hoyleton Education Center is the educational day program for the Hoyleton Youth & Family Services Program located in Hoyleton, IL. Students that are placed at HYFS are educated through this program, as KSED runs this educational program that addresses students from ages 9-21 provides an intensive educational environment for children ages nine through 21 as they address developmental disabilities, severe emotional problems, or profound behavioral issues. Instructional services & therapy are focused on helping children positively change their behavior, achieve educational goals, and learn functional life skills. The daily activities and curriculum of the students at the HEC focuses on the individual needs of each student. The skills taught include academics, self-help, communication, & socialization skills that are beneficial to students. Other Special services are provided according to each child’s individual education program (IEP).

Hoyleton Education Center

226 Chicago Ave.

Centralia, IL 62801

(618) 545-0126

Cory Wisniewski, Principal