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KSED provides several related services and special education itinerant services within the KSED member districts.  KSED works closely with the district staff to provide individualized educational services to students through direct instruction, consultation and collaboration with individuals and team, providing professional development and essential resources.  All of the staff from the itinerant programs are assigned to specific districts.


School psychologists  provide direct support and interventions to students, consult and collaborate with teachers, families, other school professionals (i.e., school counselors, school social workers), and outside agencies to assess students, to improve support strategies, and work with school administrators to improve school-wide practices and policies.

Terry Burgener, Assistant Director

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KSED speech-language pathologists provide a wide range of services to KSED member districts including screening, evaluation, therapy, classroom support, technical assistance, program consultation, and many other services that allow students to communicate effectively with others.   Services are provided for children who have difficulty with communication skills, which may interfere with their academic and social interactions. School-based Speech/Language Pathologists see students for treatment of speech sound production, language, voice, and fluency (stuttering).  Treatment is directed by goals established in an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), which is developed with input from the IEP team. 

Jake Purcell, Associate Director

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KSED School Social Workers provide unique services to student, parents, and school personnel through assessment, counseling, consultation, and coordination of services. A primary objective of the School Social Worker is the early identification and prevention of problems within the school setting and provide counseling services as a primary mode of service delivery in individual and group settings. School Social Workers work with student who show signs of social, emotional, or environmental difficulties that interfere with their school adjustment and achievement.  They also assist students, school personnel, and parents in working with outside agencies, as well as assisting districts in crisis situations.  

Matt Lybarger, Special Education Coordinator

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It is the goal of the PT/OT to determine whether motor problems of a student hinder their ability to perform in the educational setting. Occupational therapists assess fine motor skills, daily living skills, visual motor skills and sensory integrative deficits. Physical therapists assess gross motor skills, ambulation, mobility, and equipment needs.  Occupational & Physical Therapy services are designed to help students overcome medically-related limitations that impact school performance. KSED Occupational Therapists and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants provide school-based consultation, screening, evaluation, program planning, therapy, and technical assistance.  In addition to these services, Physical Therapists & Physical Therapy Assistants also provide school-based consultation on equipment or classroom modifications as they are tasked with helping students develop the physical skills needed to safely & effectively participate in school activities.  Occupational & Physical therapy services are most often delivered to individual students and not in small groups.  

Olivia Schimp, Special Education Coordinator

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KSED's Hearing & Vision Impaired teachers are available to serve students with hearing and vision difficulties within the KSED member districts. Students are seen for either direct service within their classroom or on a consultative basis. 

Abby Clark, Special Education Coordinator

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